I like to aim far and accurately.

I get frustrated, I face up to the situation, I put up with thing ;
I win out in the end but this takes 110% of my energy.

I would like to aim further and more accurately.

Will I find the answer and the energy in the texts which have come down through the centuries?
With U2-Bono, the Beatles, Yannick Noah, Winston Churchill, Jacques Brel, …
« Matthew’s Passions » is a meander through 15 of Matthew the Evangelist’s parables – a writer as famous as Confucius, Aristote, Shakespeare, …

I love ideas which liberate thought and help to build the roots of a sustainable society, horizon 2022.

Jean Mossoux works with start ups, social organizations and companies, often family businesses. Workshop facilitator and university lecturer, he is in contact with the many hundreds of people, young in spirit with a real desire to create. Author of 3 books on decision making and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Translation by Geoff Noble

Adaptation du livre à d’autres cultures au départ du titre universel « Matthew’s Passions » :

  • Matteus passies, Las pasiones de Mateo, Matthäus passionen,
    Le passioni di Matteo, Pasja Mateusza, …